Sustainable Cultural Transformation

UnifyingSolutions assists the positive transformation of your organization’s culture so that it matches and supports organizational goals. The results can include: greater success for the business as a whole, coherence between the values and needs of individuals and groups, and mutual motivation and inspiration among managers and teams.

Customized Training

We work with you to design trainings that meet your needs.

Current Training Offerings

(Any training can be modified to your organizational needs)

Cultural Competency with Diversity

Unifying Solutions builds the capacity of an organization to effectively diversify. It is crucial to sufficiently diversify leadership at all levels within an organization. To only hire diversely at entry-level positions reflects negative societal norms and continues to limit human and social potential. It is necessary to shift that norm to create the changes that are needed to make this world a better place.

UnifyingSolutions prepares leaders and managers to supervise people whose identities and shaping are different than their own life experience; whether it be through race, class, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual preference, etc. Through the groundwork necessary by challenging implicit bias, leaders are able to identify talent and develop leadership potential so all stakeholders become greater contributors to the success of the organization.

Unifying Solutions designs trainings that will meet your organizational needs through education, awareness and new innovative practices. We strive to create a safe environment that supports the individual needs of every person involved, while helping make your organization more powerful.

Team Culture and Engagement

Organizational culture is made up of a diverse set of the values and beliefs defined by the leadership and work force of that organization. An embodied leader orchestrates his or her vision with others to foster a collaborative effort toward a unified goal.

While an organization has an explicit vision and mission, often teams that support the success of the organization do not have a mission and value statement for the team that aligns with the organization.
UnifyingSolutions helps develop the mission for the team and links each employee to the multi-layered missions, which increases engagement and fulfillment for the individual and the organization.

Timely-Relevant Feedback

Timely Relevant Feedback is an interactive training course vital for those in leadership positions in businesses and organizations and all arenas of life.   Feedback is a critical skill in building trust, accountability, and the future success of any team or organization.  Gaining aptitude to respond vs. react effectively is key.  Learn how to set the stage for meeting – and exceeding – your goals, and building cooperative capacities with others as you offer and receive feedback using specific techniques and skills.

Staff Resilience Through Challenges and Changes

Learn how to use pressure, challenges, and change as a resource to help you strengthen and invigorate your core values, your dignified stand, and your meaningful contribution into action. You will learn how to recover and respond productively rather than react from your survival strategies which are overused, ineffective habits.

Certifications and Specializations

UnifyingSolutions associates are highly trained and skilled individuals