Leader Coaching & Team Coaching

Leadership Coaching for Executives,
Professionals and Teams

This one-on-one coaching is relevant for Executives, Managers, Entrepreneurs and Individuals looking for something more.

Inspired effective leadership requires a unification of vision, values, and actions. Embodied Leadership Coaching develops your leadership presence by engaging the whole self. Clients share that other Executive Coaches identify their development needs but lack a way to produce the desired results. As a Certified Master Somatic Coach, Suzanne customizes deliberate practices that reshape your leadership. Clients energize their strengths, develop their at-risk skills, and take effective action to execute their vision within their business or organization.

  • Coaching uses an embodied approach through deliberate practice and commitment to achieve sustainable change.
  • Aligns values to action and develops skills to achieve successful outcomes.
  • Bridges the gap between current skills and untapped potential to achieve professional growth.
  • Engages capacity to utilize talent and skills, for positive influence.
  • Builds competency in navigating relationships with clarity and care.
  • Learn dignified ways to negotiate effectively.
  • Work with conflict to become generative.
  • Increase efficacy as a leader.
  • Be grounded under pressure, increasing resilience.

“The Embodied Leadership coaching and group learning that Suzanne taught has helped me feel far more confident in myself than I used to feel. I am now able to communicate more effectively and with greater self-assurance because I’m clearer about what’s inside me. I am also able to reshape my physical body to reflect and share with the world more of the radiance that’s inside of me.”

Team Coaching

Sustainable Cultural Transformation

Organizational culture is made up of a diverse set of the values and beliefs defined by the leadership and work force of that organization.  An embodied leader orchestrates his or her vision with others to foster a collaborative effort toward a unified goal.

UnifyingSolutions assists the positive transformation of your organization’s culture so that it matches and supports organizational goals.  The results can include:  greater success for the business as a whole, coherence between the values and needs of individuals and groups, and mutual motivation and inspiration among managers and teams.

What Results Will You Get?

  • Unify Confidence, Competence, Dignity
  • Navigate Challenging Conversations
  • Speak Directly and Honestly
  • Offer skillful and powerful assessments
  • Ability to read and coordinate with others effectively
  • Generate and follow through on commitments
  • Increase Recovery and Resilience under pressure

“I highly recommend both the group learning workshop as well as the individual somatic coaching that are offered by UnifyingSolutions and lead by Suzanne Roberts. I credit my work with Suzanne as making me a better leader today. The learning and growing I experienced has allowed me to trust and connect more fully with my inner wisdom. I can now more easily embrace my mistakes and relax into the strength of my values, in large part because of my work with Suzanne.”

Certifications and Specializations

UnifyingSolutions associates are highly trained and skilled individuals