Sustainable Cultural Transformation

Team and Organizational Consulting

Organizational culture is made up of a diverse set of the values and beliefs defined by the leadership and work force of that organization.  An embodied leader orchestrates his or her vision with others to foster a collaborative effort toward a unified goal.

UnifyingSolutions assists the positive transformation of your organization’s culture so that it matches and supports organizational goals.  The results can include:  greater success for the business as a whole, coherence between the values and needs of individuals and groups, and mutual motivation and inspiration among managers and teams.

Our Process

Partnering for success


  • Identify where your team and organization wants to grow and how to help you successfully achieve your goals.
  • Link your mission and vision throughout all layers of the organization in a way that supports ownership and commitment for all stakeholders.


Proposals are individualized with your organization so that they are co-created to meet your specific needs.

Develop trainings that create and support healthy multi-cultural and diverse cultures where everyone thrives.

  • Identify where a team and organization wants to grow and how to help them to successfully achieve their goals.
  • Link the mission and vision throughout all layers of the organization in a way that supports ownership and commitment for all stakeholders.
  • Proposals are individualized with each organization so that they are co-created to meet specific needs.
  • Works with organizations to create health multi-cultural systems.

What Results Will You Get?

  • Unify Confidence, Competence, Dignity
  • Navigate Challenging Conversations
  • Speak Directly and Honestly
  • Offer skillful and powerful assessments
  • Ability to read and coordinate with others effectively
  • Generate and follow through on commitments
  • Increase Recovery and Resilience under pressure

“In our work with Suzanne Roberts we have strengthened our working partnership. We have broken through a few major stuck places and in turn dramatically increased our revenue, all without doing more.
We highly recommend. Suzanne. She has laser listening, gets to the heart of the matter almost immediately, and can design practices and interventions that support great movement for whomever she is coaching.”

– Co founders, Seven Stones Leadership Group

Explore Our Newest Training Opportunity

Safe Conversation About Race for Organizations

Facilitators: James A. White, Sr. and Suzanne Roberts

Organizational cultures are prime to bring greater awareness and understanding about the reality and impact of how a dominant social system keeps racism alive and effects marginalized communities.  Bringing a Safe Conversation About Race to an organization and Executives makes sense to support a shift in building healthy cultural diversity and social equity. There is a need to increase multi-cultural competency in order to ensure that implicit bias and unconsciousness does not limit leadership potential and/or the vibrancy of any organizational culture.

People are often unconscious about how racism and marginalized communities are impacted.  Privilege is blinding, and it requires education and discomfort to grow and become more aware and better human beings.

There is an opportunity to provide training that will help leaders understand the impact of colonization in developing social systems and how they are currently played out today, especially in our country around racism.  There is a need to become more culturally conscious and competent to improve all aspects of any organization. Our work elucidates how to interrupt these inherited, sometimes invisible forces, that limit human, organizational, and social potential.   The need to become more conscious in our language and behavior will be addressed, as well as providing simple next step actions.

The Safe Conversation About Race will include a unrehearsed conversation between Jim and Suzanne with a moderator on the agreed upon topics.  The vulnerable, honest, and meaningful dialogue provides a living example how people can talk across difference to bridge understanding and increase our capacity to stay with discomfort for positive change .  Included is a brief historical overview about how we got here, how slavery played a role in the economic gain of our country while dehumanizing and harming a group of people, and how that is replicated today in our organizational structures.  We provide an experience for participants to have a chance to dialogue with each other, after having a living example of seeing Jim and Suzanne dialogue safely about a very difficult and uncomfortable topic: racism.

We provide a business size card that provides steps for how to have a safe conversation about race.  We believe having these conversations promotes humanizing across difference, and helps build safe multi-cultural organizations where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Certifications and Specializations

UnifyingSolutions associates are highly trained and skilled individuals