Anti-Racism and Organizational Development

What we DO

Anti-Racism and Organizational Development – Building Vibrant Culture

Anti-racism is a long term, active, intellectual and emotional labor, to interrogate and dismantle how systemic racism was designed and the impacts perpetuated today. Systemic racism permeates organizational policies, procedures, and ideologies.  Anti-racism is a framework and practice that when engaged, brings about restorative and transformative change for racial equity.

We want everyone to be able to live and contribute beyond surviving in inherently racist cultures in allowance to be authentic, spirited, and fully contributing where everyone is invited to thrive and belong.


Why You Want/Need Us

We are a diverse collective of intersections with a shared collective consciousness. We embrace the synergy of our lived experiences, intellectual prowess, rigor, care, and healing abilities. We have a unique compilation of skills, talent, and resources.  Our work is sustainable. We are aware of the cost of perpetuating a design that is oppressive.  Transformative collective consciousness allows us to share commitment around living, breathing systems that are thriving. We are able to hold differences without sanitizing oppression, honoring the life in everyone through education, love, healing, and connection. With us, you will be able to move your organization towards racial equity and a truly inclusive environment.


Partnering with YOU

Our work is in partnership with your organization and is custom designed centering your organizational needs that serve your long term goals.   We work with you to create a culture that is based on equity, inclusion and belonging through; training and development, strategic planning, policy and practice shift, racial climate survey data (quantitative and qualitative data), affinity groups, transformational and restorative processes and more. We believe it is imperative that we audit HR practices and policies with a lens of cultural responsiveness and support and restructure accordingly. We acknowledge that this is a process that disrupts what is habitual and familiar in order to build a vibrant, diverse and engaged culture, and we are committed to working with you long term to ensure sustainability and success in this new framework.


Representation and Belonging

Our goal is to build cultures where representation exists at all levels.  We create a space for culture shift where true belonging matters and there is readiness and safety developed for contribution and thriving for all members of the organization.


Unpack, Address, Interrupt, Accountability

Our work is designed to unpack systemic racism on the individual, group, and systemic level. We begin to address the racial harm that has occurred, is occurring, and to find restorative and transformative solutions to interrupt and reduce the harm while building systems of accountability and repair.



We require a consultation to determine if we align with the needs for your organization. Contact us here.

Team Bios

Suzanne Roberts (She/Her/They/Them)

Suzanne Roberts is the Principal of UnifyingSolutions and the co-founder of Safe Conversation About Race. As an Executive Coach, she has worked with leaders, teams, and organizations large and small to lead on purpose.  Suzanne is dedicated to anti-racism, cultural diversity, social equity, and social justice. She educates how social systems of oppression got designed, and incorporates an intersectional lens in her work, in order to bring about sustainable change. The process illuminates how historical forces operate today to limit human dignity and contribution in some groups of people, while benefiting an elite group of people. While she cares about all marginalized communities, her primary focus is on interrupting and reducing racial harm due to systemic racism.



Karen Hewitt, MA Ed. (Ze/Hir/She/Her)

Karen is passionate about the heart work of advocacy, transformative justice, empathetic leadership, education, creativity, and connection. Currently, Ze serves as Deputy Director for Kaleidoscope Youth Center. Karen also facilitates and consults in Anti-Racism and Diversity Management.  She is a published author, creative, coach and conversation catalyst. Karen is committed to doing the work of holding space to create connection, belonging and community. Karen serves on a variety of committees, commissions, and collectives in Columbus to further advance the work of racial and social justice and create visibility and representation for Black, Queer, Non-Gender Conforming/ Non-Binary intersections in these spaces.  She is a non-negotiable stand for the most marginalized and the dignity and value of every human life.


Sierra J. Austin, Ph.D. (She/Her/Hers)

Dr. Sierra J. Austin is a graduate of the Department of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies at The Ohio State University, with a focus on race and social justice. She also graduated with an interdisciplinary specialization in Latinx Studies. Sierra’s research, activism, and work focus on education equity and prioritizes operationalizing intersectional approaches to sustainable social change. Her work has appeared in Souls: A Critical Journal of Black Politics, Culture, and Society and Frontiers: A Journal of Women’s Studies, and she is also the recipient of several national and academic  grants.

Sierra serves as a lecturer at The Ohio State University, where she was nominated for an Outstanding Faculty Award, and Columbus College of Art & Design. She currently serves as Regional School Improvement Coordinator for Diversity and Equity at the Educational Service Center of Central Ohio.

Collective Skills and Expertise

  • Executive Coaching
  • Emotional Intelligence Coaching
  • Team and Organizational Development and Effectiveness
  • Coordinating for Action and Trust with Accountability and Feedback
  • Transformative and Restorative Racial (Justice) Processes
  • Cultural Climate Survey: Design, Data Analysis, Delivery, Strategy Development
  • Human Resources Management
  • Diverse Talent Recruitment, Development, Retention
  • Conflict Resolution and Mediation
  • Racially Brave Culture
  • Unpacking Racism Series
  • Intersectional Approach within Coaching, Training, Development
  • Creating affinity groups to support belonging and thriving
  • Engage Racial Conversations within your organization
  • Curate and Design Trainings
  • Pose relevant questions to determine needs of your organization
  • Affirming shared language
  • Organizational Development
  • Job Analysis/ Development
  • Diversity Management Consulting
  • Organizational Development Consulting

Certifications and Specializations

UnifyingSolutions associates are highly trained and skilled individuals