Polarity Potion Line

Formulated to be used in alignment with your polarity practice. Each potion has been made start to finish with herbs grown/ethically wild crafted, and placed upon the alter. From beginning to end this medicine is cultivated with care. Herbal medicines used as a companion to your polarity practice can offer additional support in this powerful work.
Tinctures: The medicinal and magical properties of plants extracted in cane alcohol.
Flower Essences: Energetic medicine made from infusing flowers in the sun, rain, clouds or the moon, then preserved in brandy and alter infused water. Profound yet subtle medicine that resonates with your true self’s desires.

Tinctures – 1oz blends

Calm Ground Potion: Support During Panic Attacks and Triggers
Indications: For panic attacks, triggers, flashbacks, or extreme states. (Click here for more info and to order)

Stress Resilience Potion
Indication: For everyday stresses of life. Builds and rejuvenates our mind/body’s response to stress. (Click here for more info and to order)

In The Moment: Anxiety Potion
Indication: When you need a calm nervous system “in the moment”. Helpful for grounding and during anxious events. (Click here for more info and to order)

Heart of the Matter: Grief and Heartbreak Potion
Indications: Giving your heart hands to hold it. During times of grief, transition, heartbreak, and/or feeling the heavy weight of the world. (Click here for more info and to order)


Flower essence blends – ½ oz

Boundary and Protection Flower Essence Potion:
Indications: Supports protection and healthy boundaries. Take in between clients, work and life events, and when you are entering a place that your boundaries are often compromised. Great for empaths and/or those who find themselves in environments that push their boundaries. (Click here for more info and to order)

I’m a Badass Potion:
Indications: Instills grounded confidence and self esteem. (Click here for more info and to order)

Releasing Trauma
Indications: This is an excellent addition to therapy as old patterns are released and we work with our trauma resiliency. (Click here for more info and to order)

Working With Our Privilege:
Indications: For the important hard work of owning up to our behaviors and changing oppressive patterns. (Click here for more info and to order)

Life’s Purpose
Indications: For invoking abundance rather than scarcity, for coming into your own power without fear, for direct communication and direction from you mind/body/soul and for cultivating what your purpose or calling in this life means to you. (Click here for more info and to order)

Let Go and Grow Potion
Indications: Allows one to forgive themselves and others and builds trust while we make the leaps of faith so great that they scare us. For those that think of others needs before their own in a way that no longer serves them. Move away from old patterns and into your new strong solid self. (Click here for more info and to order)

Listen to Your Inner Voice
Indications: For when you can’t tap into your true potential or what direction you need to move. For that inner commitment to yourself. When you get lost of the path back to yourself. Support your soul and it’s highest calling by being able to hear and see clearly. (Click here for more info and to order)

Certifications and Specializations

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